“Your precious vehicle is in good hands.” 


We are specialized in the shipment of vehicles. From classic cars and motor cycles to boats and yachts, we know how to pack, store and ship any type of vehicle.

What we do

Specialized in the shipping of passenger cars for both export and import.


Safe packaging and shipment of your motorcycle.


Yachts, speed boats, jet skis or any other kind of boat. We can take care of the transportation.


Special packaging and stowing of your verhicle parts and transportation services.


RSC Cars offers comprehensive services for relocation abroad.


Storage of your car, parts or motorcycles.

Customs, docs &

Customs formalities and fiscal representation.


RSC Cars specializes in the shipping of vehicles. Not the bulk kind, but vehicles that are already owned. By you or your customer. Think of classic cars or motor cycles purchased abroad and ready to be welcomed by their new owner. Consider personally owned cars being shipped as part of a relocation. Or cars, campers, vans, trucks and other vehicles that need to be shipped in view of a road show, a rally, an expedition or for travelling. We even ship boats, such as yachts, speed boats and jet skis. Any vehicle that needs to be transported over long distances and that needs special care is in good hands with RSC Cars.

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